Baton Rouge Multi-Specialty Care Center offers several services, so chances are your entire family can come to this location and get any medical need taken care of in one place.

Primary Care

For ailments such as allergies, colds, sinus infections, ear infections, and minor injuries, our primary care physicians will take care of you. We also diagnose manageable conditions such as asthma, acid reflux, and eczema. Come to this department for your every day needs.


Children's Health Needs

Pediatrics is a unique branch of medicine because it deals with all the medical issues that arise when children are growing and developing, their immune systems are developing, and they get sick or injured from doing what kids do. We will take care of viruses, joint and bone growth corrections, and diseases children are prone to get such as chicken pox, pink eye, croup, lice, and ringworm.

Adolescent Health Needs

As kids get older and go through puberty, there may be several medical problems that arise. Many are easy treatable. Some common ones include very uncomfortable menstruation that can be controlled with birth control, growth spurt bone pain, yeast infections, UTIs, and acute illnesses such as strep throat and tonsillitis. Other more serious conditions that adolescents experience include eating disorders, depression, mononucleosis, and ADD/ADHD. We will diagnose, treat, and refer you to resources to treat your child for these conditions.

Sports Physicals

Often required by schools for kids and teens to participate in sports, these physicals are basic and done on an annual basis to make sure they are healthy enough to practice the sport. We will fill out a form to turn in to the coach for eligibility.


Throughout childhood and adolescents, multiple vaccines are required. This includes MMR, tetanus, hepatitis, flu shots, chicken pox, HPV, and more. We'll make sure you stay on the right schedule to get all the vaccines you and your child need at the right times. Vaccines covered for adults with Medicare-flu, pneumonia, Zoster Herpes (Shingles)

Occupational Health

Depending on your occupation, you may be subject to unique health risks. This includes fume exposure in factories or chemical environments, noise pollution, slips and falls, carpal tunnel, injuries, muscle sprains, and more. Baton Rouge Multi Specialty Care Center will take care of these conditions and advise you on ways to avoid getting sick or injured in your line of work and protect yourself.

Women's Health

We handle gynecology, bladder infections and conditions, OBGYN needs, pregnancy care, and breast health.

Drug Screens

If you need a drug test done to get a job, require them for your current position, or want to stay clean after conquering addiction, we offer drug screens. We also do them for people who have an addiction and want to seek help.

High Blood Pressure

With the proper diet, relaxation techniques, and medication, high blood pressure can be managed and taken care of easily.

Thyroids Disease

A person can have an under or overactive thyroid. This affects digestion, metabolism, and anxiety. A person will generally be more hyper when their thyroid is overactive and under active sufferers feel more tired. You can also fluctuate between a hyper and hypo-active thyroid.

Coumadin Regulation

This substance is used as a blood thinner to prevent strokes and heart attacks. We will regulate the level that you body produces.

Diabetes/High Blood Sugar

Baton Rouge Multi Specialty Care Center treats diabetes with diet plans, insulin, weight loss methods, and other medication. High blood sugar is borderline diabetes that we strive to reverse before it is full blown. We work with Type 1 and Type 2.

The Center for Advanced Healing of Bone Infections

Also called osteomyelitis, a bone infection can result when bacteria and fungi invaded a bone. In children it is common in arms and legs; in adults, the hips, spine, and feet. Treatments include antibiotics, surgery, and removal of scar tissue.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Our clinic treats sexually transmitted diseases including syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, BV, hepatitis, trichomoniasis, herpes, warts, HPV, HIV and others.

The Center for Advanced Healing of Infectious Diseases

Any type of infectious disease, minor or serious, can be treated and cured at our facility. When bacteria and/or other organisms invade a wound.

The Center for Advanced Healing of HIV/AIDs & Hepatitis

We treat HIV, reverse ongoing AIDS, as well as treat and cure Hepatitis C.

The Center for Advanced Healing of Diabetic, Vascular, Pressure Ulcers, Infected and Other Complicated Wounds

Diabetes can cause complications such as wounds, especially when the onset is due to being overweight. While diabetic wounds may take a long time to heal, we often heal these wounds by applying our multiple SPECIALIZED approaches to advanced wound healing.

Because of multiple complications we often successfully heal these wounds by applying our multiple SPECIALIZED approaches to advanced wound healing.

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