Sexually Transmitted Disease

Sexually transmitted diseases are a common issue and it’s important that you understand when STD testing is necessary and what kinds of STDs may be prevalent for you. You should be getting tested on a regular basis if you’re sexually active, especially if you have more than one partner. It’s important that you’re getting tested, because it’s entirely possible to have an STD without any symptoms, so you could be spreading it without even knowing.

Testing for STDs

When getting tested for STDs, it’s important that you specifically ask for certain tests. Whenever you have a routine exam, this is a good time to ask for a comprehensive STD test. If you know that you’ve been exposed to a specific disease, make sure that you let your doctor know so that you can be sure to get that specific test done.

There are certain STDs that can be more prevalent with certain ages and other factors. For example, if you’re a sexually active woman or a man that has intercourse with other men, you should be sure to ask for a chlamydia and gonorrhea test. This is done by taking a urine test or a swab inside the penis or cervix.

Another routine STD test that you should ask for is for HIV and hepatitis. While there are vaccines for hepatitis A and B, it’s still possible that you could be exposed and it’s important that you’re taking all precautions to be sure you’re clear of these infections. Another STD that can be tested with HIV and hepatitis is syphilis.

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