Wound Care

Accidents happen in life and it’s possible that you may step on something sharp and get a cut. When this happens, it’s important that you’re taking all the proper precautions to make sure that your wound heals properly and you’re reducing your risk of getting your wound infected. This is especially important if you’re diabetic or have a condition that makes it more difficult for a wound to properly heal.

Caring for Your Wound

If you’ve suffered an injury and have a wound as a result, it’s important that you’re taking all the steps necessary to care for your wound and avoid infection. If your wound gets infected, you could be at risk for a more serious issue, and it can cause problems throughout other areas of your body.

When you get a severe wound, it’s important that the first thing you do is properly clean it. You should be sure to use warm water and soap to get rid of any dirt or bacteria that could be inside. Once it’s clean, make sure it’s fully dry and then bandage it up. After it’s cared for, you should be sure to see your doctor as soon as possible to make sure that it will be able to heal properly.

If your wound is large enough, stitches may be needed so that it can properly close. It’s important that you don’t hesitate to visit your doctor when you have a severe wound. The longer you let it go untreated, the more problems you may be causing yourself in the future and the harder it can be to heal.

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Don’t just ignore your wound, make sure you’re getting all the care you need! Contact your doctor at Baton Rouge Multi-Specialty Care Center in Baton Rouge, LA, at (225) 588-6046 to learn more about wound care and what you should be doing.

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